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Do You Need To Fix A Clogged Drain In Toronto?

Whether you live in Toronto or elsewhere, if you are having plumbing issues at your house, then you are not alone. When you live somewhere, it is normal to face problems from time to time. But no need to panic, every problem has a solution. If you keep your house well maintained, then there is less chance of frequent problems. But various issues happen anyway.

Because things get old, fragile, and prone to damage with time. The same is the case with your drainage system. If you are not keeping an eye on it, you are going to end up with a lot of damage and repair costs.

Having a clogged drain in Toronto can be due to multiple reasons. And most of these reasons are too common that we usually ignore them. But his ignorance can cost you a lot at some time. Because ignoring little issues can lead to big ones in the future.

Do you have a clogged drain in Toronto?

Family gatherings are best. They bring a lot of fun, joy, and happiness. You planned this weekend to be with your family. so, you invited them over to celebrate your promotion. After all the fun, laughter, and food, all of them are gone one by one. A day well spent; you are happy. Now all you have to do is clean up the kitchen and go to bed because it was a hectic day.

But you wash a few dishes and the sink is full of shady water, with food remnants as well. clogged drain; the last thing you wanted at that time. You can try DIY tricks for quick relief, but it’s not the first time. So, what if it doesn’t work? Time to seek help!

Now you are stuck with a clogged drain in Toronto, and it looks like there’s nothing you can do. No problem; if you are having such trouble in Toronto or the surrounding area, then you can seek help from Drain Express. We will come right away and help you with the issue. Don’t disgust yourself, it happens, and it’s gross but normal.

And after reaching out to us, there is nothing left for you to worry about. We provide reliable and long-term solutions to our customers so they don’t have the same issue any time soon.

Symptoms of a clogged drain:

As common as having a blockage in your kitchen sink or toilet is, as annoying it is every time you face it. normally if there is a clogged drain, or some other plumbing issues that are not causing you harm “yet”, you decide to live with it. it’s human nature, we prioritize things that need to be done urgently on the basis of how big the issue is. So we leave minor issues out of it. but these minor issues like having a frequently clogged drain can bring huge problems. So, don’t ignore when you notice any of these symptoms:

Backing up water

Well, you may have experienced this. In your house or at someone else’s house. That you go to the toilet after you are finished, you flush the toilet, and the water just seems to be flooding the commode, instead of flushing the dirt out. Disgusting, right? It takes a few seconds for the water to drain. But why is it happening? It is because you have a blockage in your drain pipes. And they need to be cleared ASAP.

Strange noises

When you wash dishes and the water kinds of puddling up in your sink, you try to check the drain and clear it of food remnants. But when the water drains, it makes strange bubbling sounds. Is it normal? It might be, or it might be the symptom of a clogged drain in Toronto. And if it happens frequently, then you need to do something.

Lazy draining

It is like you are taking shower, it was a nice hot water bath after a hectic day, and you enjoyed it. but when you decide to leave the shower room, you see that the water hasn’t drained out yet. It is going slowly but seems just too lazy to drain. It is exactly because of the blocked drain. Get help!

Foul odors

When there is debris in drain pipes causing the blockage, then it slows down the drainage of bad water. So, this used water from your house stays inside the pipe, instead of draining out to the main sewer. And what happens when something stays in the same place for a long time, it starts to stink. This is why you start smelling foul sewer smells around the house. it means you have issues with your drain pipes.

Help with a clogged drain in Toronto

Are you thinking about the symptoms mentioned above? It feels like you have plumbing issues too. Do you think that you need to address them but you don’t know how? Here’s how to get help with clogged drains Toronto:

Unclogging the main drain

The first step is to unclog the main drain. Because that’s where the water is going to run through. But for this, you may need help from professionals. Because you might not be able to do this as you don’t have the equipment that plumbing professionals have.

Unclogging the kitchen drain

Unclogging the kitchen drain might be what you can do with DIY tricks. But they are not long-lasting. So, if you face this issue often, then this time you must call the plumbing professionals to help you out.

Unclogging your shower drain

You should get your shower drain checked too. Because if your kitchen drain and shower drain are all cleared from blockage, only then you will get rid of the issue completely.

Prevention tips:

Having blocked drains is disgusting, frustrating, and annoying. You don’t always have time to handle such things. So, prevention is always better than cure. So, it is better to prevent your pipes from blockage.

Preventing your main drain clogs

You have to prevent main drain clogs so that you don’t end up having your house flooded with dirty water. Look out for the warning signs that might point to bigger issues in the future. Have your main drain checked regularly by professionals? And don’t let debris like food remnants, fat, grease, hair scum, or other foreign objects run down the drain. Because they accumulate and cause blockage.

Preventing kitchen drain clogs

You also have to prevent your kitchen drain clogs by making sure that nothing goes down your kitchen drain except water. Because any food remains or fat might run down in front of you, but it is going to get stuck down at some point in the drain pipe.

Preventing shower drain clogs

Going to the washroom for a hot bath to get fresh and release some stress. Instead, you come out with more, due to a clogged shower drain. To avoid such things, make sure you never let hair or soap scum, or any other debris go down your shower drain.

Why it’s better to work with a professional drain-clogged specialist:

If you are facing a clogged drain in Toronto, then you might feel like there’s a lot you can do on your own. but truly, not any of that might work, and you end up making everything worse. So, it is important to leave the work to experts. It is always best to call in for a clogged drain specialist instead of experimenting on your own.

Drain Express for your issues in Toronto when the clogged drain

Who knows plumbing issues better than drain express? We are your best bet if you live in Toronto or the surroundings. We work with professionals, who have expertise in the field. And they have the right equipment to sort out and solve your problem. We are available 24 hours and 7 days in a week.

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