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Everybody encounters clogged drain issues at some point in their lives, if not so many. This small problem, if not treated timely, can cause long-term disaster.

Clogged drains are gross. They can cause so much annoyance, fatigue, and stress. But, on the other hand, it is a very common problem. When you live in a house, you have to maintain its health. Just like we take care of our body and soul, to keep ourselves healthy, active, and stress-free. Just like that, the house where we live should be taken care of keenly.

If drain installation is not done right, or drains have not been taken care of on regular basis, then it can cause blockage. And this could just be a starting.

What can be the reason behind clogged drains?

Well, you must have experienced something like that once. If you think you are the one, then you are wrong. A clogged drain is a very common issue that can happen due to multiple reasons. If you don’t keep watch on your house health, then you are going to see some real trouble in the future. Let’s take a look at some signs that show you have a clogged drain:

Soap and hair:

The soap we use while washing hands, and while taking shower. It combines with fallen hair making a soap scum that is hard to wash away. When you have a hair fall problem like me then you might see a lot of hair fall and gather on the drain. And if you see that, pick that hair up with something and put them in the waste bin. That can avoid the clogging issue to some extent.


Well, yes, we need to wash away the dirt and all, every time we get our hands dirty. Or a kid came back home covered with mud, then he needs to be bathed thoroughly as well his clothes need a good wash. But each time you wash such a mess in your sink, this kind of dirt can build up and cause a clogged drain. So, when you need to wash excessive dirt, make sure to shake the excess dirt before you put the clothes in the sink.

Cat litter:

Where does the cat or dog litter go? It goes into the waste bin. Throwing away cat litter in the toilet can cause some rough experiences for you to handle. And once your drain is blocked, it can be so gross that you might feel like throwing up. Cat litter is composed of clay, silica, and sand, which is hard to wash away because it builds up, instead of getting dissolved. So, never throw cat litter in the toilet.

Food waste:

While working in the kitchen, and washing dishes, kitchen sink getting blocked by foods waste is normal. But when this food waste gets washed away continuously then it is going to be stuck at some point, instead of washing away. So, this problem could be avoided if you put the plug in the kitchen sink drain.

Mineral buildup:

You might live in an area where hard water is available only. And hard water can easily cause a mineral buildup in your drains because it has a lot of them, which makes it hard water. So, if that’s the problem you are facing, then you can use a water softener in your house.

Tree roots:

Tree root invasion is another common cause of clogged drains. Surprised? How can tree roots invade and cause trouble? Well, the theory is that underground drain pipes are nesting around your house, and it leads to the outdoor drain of your house, which continues to the main sewer. So, drain pipes in your backyard, can have tree roots invaded and buildup, if they are damaged, or you have an old tree near your house, which has its roots spread a long way. When something like this happens, you might need to ask “drain cleaning services nea” to get your rooter service.

Foreign objects:

Feminine products like pads, or even excessive toilet paper. Anything that doesn’t belong to washing, doesn’t go into the toilet. Any foreign objects are prohibited to flush. They should all go into the waste bin.

Fat, grease, and oil:

Fat, oil, and grease can cause drain clog in no time. Fat, oil, and grease are also known as F.O.G, when washed away in the kitchen sink, you might feel it’s going away, but you are mistaken. It cools down and some point and solidifies into some pathetic and hard material, which can give you hard time.

Drain express:

Drain cleaning is our expertise:

If you feel like you are experiencing any of these symptoms mentioned above, then it suggests that you need drain cleaning services. And if you feel like you can live with these issues, then know that these minor and harmless issues are going to cause you a lot of trouble and your house and you are going to suffer a lot.

I know, normally we would like to live with little plumbing problems. Because, getting a plumber and fixing things that don’t seem to cause much trouble, seems useless. So, you can try to unclog the drain. But, if you are tired of trying and you face the clogging issue frequently, then you should know that Drain Express is just a call away.

Drain express has been trusted for 20 years. Drain cleaning is our expertise. We have the right people and the right equipment for the job. So, you don’t have to worry about anything. You just need to get to us and we will handle the rest.

How does professional drain cleaners work?

If you find symptoms mentioned above, then you just need to reach us. And we will make sure they find the root cause of the problem you are facing and sort it out accordingly. If you hire professional drain cleaning services then this is what you can expect:

A professional plumbing company will first assess the clog. And sometimes, the clog isn’t so visible, or easy to trace. In that case, we use video drain inspection which helps us find the clog in less time and with less effort. Then comes the clog removal. It depends on the kind of clog. Depending on the severity and different kinds of the clog, different drain cleaning methods are used. Drain snaking, drain auger, hydro-jetting and chemical drain cleaners will be used by the professionals, based on the health of the issue.

Why work with drain express?

Drain Express is the best in town, who knows how to do teamwork and provide the best for their clients. Our staff has right tools and equipment, so you don’t have to hand over anything while we are there.

We work 24 hours a day at affordable prices:

The problem doesn’t come and knock, may I come or some another time? So, anytime you face an issue that can’t wait for the next day, you can get to us. We are available 24/7 at your service.

Don’t hesitate to reach us.

You can visit our website for details. Or you can visit our headquarters, the address is given in the links below. Or you can call us for any queries.

You can get all the contact info by clicking the links below.

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