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Drain pipes are supposed to take wastewater out of the house, straight to the main sewer line. If you want your drains to keep working properly then you need to keep an eye on drain pipes.

Plumbing is the most important thing to observe keenly when constructing a new building or a house. If your drainage system isn’t installed properly and professionally, then it could cause you time and money-taking troubles in the long term. You don’t want that, right? So make sure, you invest in professional and top-notch drainage installation so you don’t have to go for replacement again and again.

What Is Meant By A Blocked Drain?

Drain pipes are supposed to take wastewater out of the house, straight to the main sewer line. If you want your drains to keep working properly then you need to keep an eye on drain pipes. Blocked drains could be caused by overseeing the waste materials going through drain pipes. If food fats, oil, grease, and other food remnants are going down through your drain, then it will end up with a blocked drain.

Plumbing issues are the most common issues that almost everyone faces. Of course, we need to maintain and take care of the place where we live. With people living in a house, it needs continuous maintenance. We usually take plumbing issues for granted. And many of us choose to live with minor issues like slow drains, clogged sinks, and others. We try home remedies or DIY solutions for the purpose. Let me tell you that this is exactly the opposite of what you should be doing when you have a frequently clogged drain. Rather it is a kitchen sink or water back up from the toilet drain.

I know, clogged drain sounds gross. But you don’t want to go through all the trouble it would cause you if you keep taking this issue for granted. So, our advice is, that whenever you experience frequent clogging in a kitchen or slower drains, or any other signs of a blocked drain, you should immediately seek help from a blocked drain plumber. Drain Express will be at your service whenever you need it.

5 Signs That Tell You Your Drain Is Blocked:

If you want to be trouble-free then you need to keep an eye on signs of drain blockage. Repair of drain pipes could be frustrating, time-taking, and expensive. So it’s better if you don’t let it worsen to that extent. here are a few signs that can tell you that your drain is clogged.

Slow drain:

Slow drains are the most common sign that let you know you have a troubled drain.

Strange smell:

When your drain pipes are blocked, the waste material gets stuck in the drain pipes at different points. That can cause a strange smell from all around the house.

Backing up water:

When you flush the toilet, water keeps backing up instead of going down. This is another big sign that shows you are in trouble.

Gurgling sound:

When your shower or kitchen drain is draining water with a weird gurgling sound, then it means your drain is getting clogged.

Raise in water bills:

A sudden rise in your water bills could stress you and even frustrate you when you don’t know the actual reason. You have tried shutting down extra water usage and limited shower hours. And water bills are still rising for an unknown cause. Then you need to get your drain pipes checked thoroughly by blocked drain services.

What’s Causing Your Drain To Block?

The blockage doesn’t build up in a blink. It takes some time to build up. If you are taking it for granted, then it could toll to be obvious very soon. Few things cause a blockage that you can keep an eye for. So that you don’t have to go through a mess of clogged drains:

Soap and hair scum:

Every time we wash our hands or take a shower, hair and soap debris will combine and cause a blocked hospital.

Storms or heavy rain:

Whenever there is a storm or heavy rain, leaves, dirt and other debris get stuck in outdoor drain pipes that we might not look into. It can also cause blockage.

Tree roots intrusion:

If there are any old trees near your house or your building, then you need to know how far its root goes. Because root intrusion can also cause severe blockage.

Fat or grease:

Fat, oil, or grease washed in the kitchen sink can go down through the pipes and block the drain pipes. It is one of the biggest causes of clogged drains in the kitchen sink.

Poor installation of drains:

When you installed a drainage system in your house, did you try to save some money? You may have thought that this is something not worth enough spending a lot of money. So you did it by yourself or hired a local plumber for cheap rates who ruined your pipe installation by doing it poorly. This could be another reason for blocked or damaged pipes.

How To Unblock Your Clogged Drain?

Blocked drain solutions can be found on the internet easily. you might have seen people doing different home remedies for a blocked drain. Or you saw youtube video tutorials, you might even have got an idea from a friend or relative about how to unclog your drain. But, with all these DIY hacks and home remedies, you might get temporary relief, but in the end, you may end up with worse and ultimately you would have to call a plumber. It could cause you a lot more trouble as well as expenditures. So, if you are new to all of this, please don’t try any DIY hack, and call straight up for a plumber.

Baking soda and salt:

Equal parts of baking soda with salt can help flush away all the debris. But when you do this trick, let your sink set for a few hours or better overnight. And then run boiling water to flush away the culminate.

A drain snake or closet hanger:

Buy a drain snake or use a spare wardrobe hanger. Straighten up the closet hanger and make a little hook at the end. Then start fishing down the drain to take out debris that is blocking the drain.

Rundown boiling water:

Running down boiling water through the drain pipes could get rid of fat, grease, conditioner, or soap debris.

Why Choose Drain Express?

Drain Express is a set of skilled plumbing professionals with high expertise in the field. We are a trusted company for over 20 years. We aim to provide long-term and preventive solutions for plumbing problems, so you don’t have to stress out over and over.

We believe in establishing a long-term relationship with our clients, which is why we have all these loyal clients. We will be at your service whenever you need us because we are available 24/7. We are a blocked drain company from which you can get professional blocked drain services in Toronto and GTA. We provide all kinds of services that include snaking, rooter service, hydro jetting, and more. Just call us if you need any more information. Following are the addresses for where and how you can reach us:

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