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Hiring a qualified plumber

Many of the earliest plumbing systems were comprised of clay sewer pipes. With the availability of more modern pipe materials today, does clay hold up, or is it ancient history? You decide.

The typical leak from a pipe fitting may cause thousands of dollars in water damage by ruining your hardwood flooring or drywall. Not to mention disrupting your household and throwing your schedule way out of sync due to a simple plumbing mishap. Hiring a licensed, insured, professional plumber is a good idea. Everyone must consider at some point in the life of being a homeowner.

Emergency Plumber

For everyday drips and clogs, you can save the cost of a plumber by doing the work yourself. Beyond this kind of repair, you have to know when to call in a professional. Plumbing isn’t difficult but it does require a lot of knowledge and in some cases specialty training. The Ontario Code Requirements are just a small part of making plumbing repairs; you also need knowledge of parts and the materials used by plumbers. As an example, knowing how much force you can apply on PVC before it cracks takes time to learn. Not having a feel for this type of work can turn a $10 repair into a flood of problems later on. Improperly sealed pipe can hold for a little while, long enough for you to think it is done correctly, but later sprout a leak.

Be prepared for a more urgent situation by establishing a relationship with a plumber before you actually need him. If possible, hire him to do non-emergency repairs or fixture installations during normal hours. It’s easier to get a plumber’s attention if you’re a regular customer and not a panicked stranger calling at 2 a.m. on a Saturday night asking him to fix a gushing waste pipe in your basement. Consider buying a maintenance program from a trusted source too

When making your choice, ask for proof of a plumber’s license. All provinces require plumbers to be licensed, and they typically provide a number you can call to verify that the license is current and that there are no active complaints against it. Also ensure that the plumber you hire isn’t working off the books under another plumber’s license. Any plumber you consider should also hold a current workers’ compensation policy and liability insurance

The best way to find a good plumber is to ask friends and neighbors, contractors, or a real estate agents. Nothing holds up a home sale faster than plumbing problems, so realtors often have a list of reliable, fast-response plumbers. Once you find a plumber you’re satisfied with, keep his numbers (office, home, and cell phones) handy for emergencies. It won’t hurt anything to program your plumber’s number in your contact list on your phone

Drain Express

We would like you to consider Drain Express of Greater Toronto Area as your plumber. Drain Express is licensed and insured. We have many references and certainly appreciate the opportunity to do business with nice people. We also will give you a firm price in writing and guarantee not to charge more than that estimate, so when you have our price you know the maximum and quite often pay less than the quoted price. Our number is 416 752 5959, please give us a call. With over 20 years of experience we are certain we can help your plumbing needs today or in the future



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