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How To Clear A Clogged Drain?

If you’re tired of having clogged drains in your house which might make you feel embarrassed in front of your guests when they enter your kitchen? Seeking the ultimate solution to clear a clogged drain? Then don't worry, we are here with clear drain services.

If you’re tired of having clogged drains in your house which might make you feel embarrassed in front of your guests when they enter your kitchen? Seeking the ultimate solution to clear a clogged drain? Then don’t worry, we are here with clear drain services.

Signs of a blocked drain

Foul smell

A foul smell from a blocked drainage system is one of the most prevalent warning signs that should never be neglected. This smell signals a blockage in the sewage system, where the water level is stagnant, and debris has accumulated. A significant proportion of the smell caused by clogged drains emanates from bathrooms, wash basins, bathtub drains, and shower drains.


Waste water leaking from the duct system indicates that clogged drainage system. This clogged drainage system could disturb the movement of sewage-free particles passing by pipelines. This is due to the overflowing utility hole.

Gurgling sounds

Do you notice a gurgling sound when draining the water from the wash basin or flushing the bathroom? If this is the case, you may have a clogged drain system. It happened as a consequence of the accumulation of food waste, oil sludge, and other materials used in the piped water.

Slow draining

These problems can occur in basins, bathroom drains, and when the toilet is flushed. Often individuals neglect this issue of slow-draining water because they believe it will just fade away on its own. If you’re experiencing this issue, try to clear drain plumbing to avoid slow draining.

Causes of a blocked drain

Tree Roots

As the age of the trees grows, their roots start spreading deeply, which could further be impaling water pipes. When tree roots become a threat, high-pressure water jets are utilized to cut them. If you’re thinking about removing tree roots to clear drain pipes, contact a professional for this purpose.


They appear flushable since they are so tiny and compressed, although they are not. Toiletries like tissues and sanitizing wipes may quickly block your drain. Throw them away immediately to prevent having to dig them out afterward!

Foreign objects

Clogs might occur if such things are introduced into the home’s pipes. Examples include food washed down the dishwasher and feminine hygiene goods flushed down the toilet. Certain things were not designed to be discarded in this manner, and they may develop clogs in the home’s pipes over time. The simplest way to avoid this clog is to avoid flushing or washing such objects down the drain.

Food Scraps

Have you ever wondered if food scraps can become a significant reason for the clogged drain? We often forget to throw food waste in the dust bin while washing the plates and other dishes. All the oil on the food waste and other small food particles in the kitchen sink could accumulate if you end up with a clogged drain system. To avoid a blocked drain, throw the food scraped in the dust bin before washing to clear a drain.

Mineral Build-Up

Have you heard about water softener? If not, then don’t worry; we will let you know. When sewage system pipes get clogged with insoluble masses, mainly formed by the accumulation of minerals in the water, try to invest in a water softener for filtering the hard water because eradicating minerals masses is quite expensive.


Most soaps include fat and oil, which can cause soap scum and blocked drains. If you feel this is the source of your clogged shower or bathroom drain, look into non-fatty soap alternatives.


It is a common cause of clogged drains, especially shower drains. This is especially important if you share a room with or have long-hired families.

Natural Debris

Are you having trouble getting around after the rain? Natural debris, including branches and mud, can accumulate due to severe weather. Cleaning the gutters will keep the pipes from becoming clogged.

Are your drains clear outside?

Regularly maintaining your drains reduces the possibility of clogs, the demand for maintenance, and interruption to your everyday life. It is much more aggravating than a clogged drain not working correctly. Regrettably, drains are frequently thought of as any simple disposal route, regardless of the substance. However, if you manage your drains appropriately, you can avoid major issues.

How to clear a blocked drain pipe?

A blocked drain is one of the most common household difficulties that we all confront. It may cause substantial discomfort for a variety of reasons. The biggest issue is that it causes water to roll back into the sink or shower, drawing bacteria and dirt up from the plumbing. It might be both unpleasant and dangerous. As a result, keeping an eye on the situation is vital.

Here we have listed some helpful methods to clear clogged drains:

1. Boiling Water

You can also use hot water to clear the drain pipe. Hot water will easily alter the sediments. One thing that should be kept in mind, avoid pouring hot water into pipes made up of PVC material because there are high chances for it to be melted.

2. Natural cleaners

You can use natural cleaners like baking soda and vinegar for clogged drains. The helps in dissolving blockages swiftly.

3. Caustic Cleaners

Ordinary buildups disintegrate when a caustic cleaner is poured into a blocked drain and left overnight. Almost all of these elements might be unsuitable for drain if they were made of particular materials or were depleted, so make sure to check the individual product restrictions. Always use protective gloves and, if possible, eyewear when dealing with caustic chemicals.

4. Plungers

It operates by forming a barrier all around drainage and afterward pressing the vacuum to increase suction. A quick shift in suction is typically sufficient to eradicate any foodstuff or hair buildups.

5. DIY drain snake

Any thin metal wire, such as a coat hanger, can be used to build a DIY drain snake. Place a loop at the base of the snake into the drainpipe. Strive to apply it to pluck out localized hair blockages. This strategy works best in showers.

6. Ask experts

You can also contact Drain Express for assistance in clearing a clogged drain pipe.

Avoiding a plumbing disaster: what to do in the future?

These recommendations will help you avoid spending on plumbing repairs that You might have avoided easily:

• You should inspect the drainage system regularly

• Hose as well as fixture replacement

• Sink drain maintenance

• Leading water shut-off valve inspection

When should you call the professionals?

The first step is to determine what triggered the clog. If you do not even believe you should get out of such a situation, it’s time to contact an expert. We suggest Drain Express, which has drainage work expertise and assurance of workmanship.

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