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How To Prevent Frozen Water Lines?

Freezing weather could cause frozen water lines within your house. Preventing frozen water lines is possible if you do it on time.

Weather changes affect everyone, including adults, kids, and pets. It would be difficult for everybody to adjust according to the changing weather. Whether it is freezing or extremely hot weather, both can give you a tough time in their way. Just like living beings, the weather can also modify non-living things. Several issues could pop up when the weather turns freezing.

Along with everything else, your home’s plumbing system might be problematic. Although plumbing problems can happen at any moment of the season, most of them can be avoided. Among these is the problem of frozen water pipes. Winters may be difficult for your drainage system since it is difficult to deal with the cold outside.

Why do my water lines freeze?

These increasing and decreasing temperatures could be the reason for countless issues. More than usual, heat or cold could cause people and things to go under the weather. And it also happens to the drainage system in our house. The reason our outer pipes burst is cold, which also makes water in the pipes freeze. The molecular compounds of water expand when they freeze, which causes the stretch in pipes, and they burst because they can’t handle the pressure.

It means that the frosty weather could bring along a lot of problems. And if you won’t have the preventive measures ahead of them, you could be utterly annoyed during the snow season. Pipes uncovered in our yard or the front yard are not usually protected, which means they might withstand inclement conditions, and water freezing inside lines when the temperature decreases to minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

What are some signs that my pipes are frozen, and what action should I take?

You may only take immediate action regarding plumbing problems if you are aware of the problem. Quite often the water leak and you’ve no idea why. And this could cause you even more trouble.

So, when it happens, you should be able to recognize that pipes are frozen or its some other reason. The following are some indicators that you have a water and ice line in your home:

Water shortage:

One of the most obvious indicators is that your faucet would produce minimal or no water. And if neither or maybe more than two of the apartment’s faucets are providing water, the pipelines are stopped.

Strange smells:

There is an odor emanating from the water from the tap. Although you understand that freshwater is colorless and odorless, this fragrance may be unsettling.

Strange sound:

Whenever time the water evaporates, there will be a gurgling sound. But gurgling generally indicates that something has gone awry.

Sewage damage:

Assume you can see sewage damage in various areas of your home. Then you should know that your water is frozen somewhere. And this frozen water can also cause flood in your house if the pipes burst.

What should I do if my water lines freeze?

When your water line freezes, it is critical to locate the problematic pipe. It will be easier to determine what to do once you have resolved that issue. If you believe a frozen pipe is out of reach, call a plumber right once. And here’s what you can do if you can readily access the frozen pipe:

Make sure to keep the faucets turned on.

That whenever a water and ice line is discovered, the first step is to keep all faucets open so that as the liquid water increases, it goes smoothly.

Heating the pipes as follows:

Never apply direct heat or bring flame near pipes. Generating heat entails putting a nice warm cloth or a blow dryer all around freezing pipes. Applying heat constantly over an extended period might cause pipe damage. You may also use your thermostat to assist defrost pipes.

Let the air in:

Leave the cabinets and doors open to let the air in. When your kitchen sink drain pipe is frozen, and the cabinet is closed too, heat will not reach, and the pipe may burst.

Call professionals

If none of the above helps thaw the frozen line, then it is time to call professionals before it’s too late.

Locating the frozen pipe:

It is not hard to locate the frozen pipe. When the pressure builds up inside the pipe due to frozen water, it makes the pipe bulge. Water molecules expand in the form of ice, which could cause the visible bulging of pipes. Due to bulging, you might also see some cracks in the pipe. And sometimes ice is visible on the outside of the pipe too. You need to look carefully.

How to thaw a frozen water line inside a wall?

Frozen pipes are a common problem in winter. So no need to get frustrated because it is easy to resolve.

All you need to do is take these simple steps:

1. Find out the affected pipe.

2. Open the tap linked with the affected pipe.

3. Apply indirect heat to the pipe.

4. Let the water keep running until all the ice melts.

How to thaw a frozen water line?

Some multiple DIY tips and tricks can help you thaw a frozen water line.

Try these options before calling the plumber:

• Hot towels:

Wrap a hot towel around the frozen pipe and let it sit for some time.

• Electrical heating tape:

You can easily find the heating tape at the hardware store. You can wrap the tape around the pipe and let it work its magic.

• Hair dryer:

A hairdryer is another safe option if you keep it limited. Just don’t apply the heat continuously for a long time.

Tips for preventing frozen water lines:

It is time to take action if you have to endure the problem of a frozen water line every winter. These would help if you took precautions before it happened this winter. Here are some tips you should follow:

• Insulation and heating cables:

It would help if you got your insulation system checked and updated. You can also install heating cables that will be able to provide heat directly to the walls covering the pipes. If your insulation system is old, then it needs to be reinstalled, or a new one needs to be installed.

• Inspection:

Take a look around the house where cleaning is required. If you have a swimming pool or sprinkler in your yard, these lines need to be drained and cleaned before winter because they are more susceptible to freezing. You can also seek plumbing services for such purposes.

• Exposed pipes:

Locate exposed pipes in your house, and when you find out the pipes that need protection, there are several ways to protect them. Call professionals to seek help.

• Duct maintenance:

Duct maintenance or disrupted furnaces can also cause issues as the house will not be properly heated and could cause plumbing issues.

Why it’s better to work with a professional plumbing specialist?

Various problems can happen in the lines beneath your house, including frozen water lines. Plumbing specialists inspect and update your house drainage system in preparation for winter. Fundamentally, a house drainage system comprises a series of underground pipelines. If the water pipes freeze during the winter season, it can cause a complete sewage system blockage.

If you are experiencing frozen pipes, take action now to avoid more damaged and trouble. Call a plumbing specialist now.

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