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What To Do When You Have A Clogged Sewer Line

First of all, cut off the supply and usage of water from your house. If you will fail to do this, your house will be in danger and will flood. Don’t panic, and don’t try to DIY. Call the professional immediately with Drain Exxpress.

Clogged sewer lines can not only damage your house but also give you a stressful day and discomfort. Most people use a plunger if their kitchen sink is blocked or the bathroom’s basin is not draining the water properly. But sometimes these do-it-yourself tricks do not help you rather they worsen the situation. So now it is up to you to put yourself in a day full of frustration or see for plumbing services immediately.

Having blocked sewerage is no less than a plumbing emergency, and it could harm the health of your house in the long term as well. When the drainage system is not allowing wastewater to leave your house because of blockage, it may back up through the bathroom or other places. You wouldn’t want any damage to your property, right?
Keep reading, because this article will help you to solve all your drainage and clogged sewer line problems.

What Went Wrong With The Drainage System?

Well, sewer pipelines are meant to dispose of all the wastewater from your place like kitchen, laundry, shower, pipes, etc. After that, it will flush out straight from the outermost pipe to the septic system. So, if it stops working properly by taking away the raw and dirty water. It will create a huge mess for you because the drains of your house will stop functioning. This will cause flowing of water into your house and an alarming situation of flooding will happen.

If you are ever stuck in a situation like this, do not just reply on DIY hacks because in trying to make things go right they will be worsened. And you will sink into a greater problem. For your information, we will explain to you that sewer lines are spread underneath like a net. Your house sewer pipes are connected to main sewer lines, so you will never understand the root cause of the issue and the exact location of the clogging. For this purpose, you will need plumbing services from professionals. Because only they have special equipment and instruments to locate the trouble points and they will efficiently fix them within time. So, it will best option for you to call for professional help, like Drain Express.

What Usually Causes Clogged Sewer Lines?

Do not mix blocked drain with clogging of sewer lines because clogging is a severe and rare problem. Usually, the sewer lines are less and tend to get clogged because they are wider up to 5 to 6 inches. But if it gets clogged then it means you are in some solid problem. You must know that something serious is going on with your sewerage system. The main cause may be the bent or damaged pipe which is not able to pass wastewater. Let’s take a look at a few causes:

Construction close by your pipeline:

More than 80 % chances of damage can be caused by the construction of a building or road near your pipeline.

Heavy traffic over sewer:

Drain pipes are spread deep under the ground but still, if there’s a route of heavy traffic over the sewer on regular basis then it might damage your pipe

The pipes are surrounded by soil:

The soil sticks around the pipe can also stop it from passing the wastewater.

Tree roots:

If the main sewer line will crack or is damaged then tree roots can easily intrude and clog the pipe.

Broken pipes:

Broken or cracked pipes can collect rubbish/remains because water is not passing smoothly.

Other garbage that causes harm to the sewer line is paper towels. They are mostly named as flushable paper but actually, it is not and it will cause you a big problem.

How Do You Get To Know About A Sewer Line Clog?

Issues like the sewer clog do not happen in a day. It builds up over time. If you get to know about the problem as early as possible then you can easily get rid of huge trouble. We will discuss a few signs of clogging that will be helpful for you:

Clogging in several fixtures:

To avoid any inconvenience and fatigue, seriously try to resolve the issue without delaying it otherwise you will end up with a completely broken drainage system. All the drainage pipes present in your house are interlinked and if any sewer line issue happened (like clogging) then these drain pipes also quit draining the water.

Unclean water:

The wastewater couldn’t make its way out and ended up backing up. If flooding in your house occurs because of cracked pipes, you will notice that the water is clean and clear.

Unusual things happen when you use fixtures:

If things happen a bad odor appears around the house, weird gurgling sounds when the water drains, or your bathroom is not flushing properly. The rising and falling water level of the bathroom is another sign. Note any water puddles outside of your house also.

The Steps To Be Taken If The Sewer Line Is Clogged

Let us clear you something unclogging and clearing the sewer lines is not my cup of tea. After recognizing the main issue, you just need to take two steps for resolving the clogging issue of sewer lines.

Shutting down the water supply:

This is the most important step to take. If you forget to do this, soon you will be in big problem because your house will be flooded with wastewater. No way, yucky. You don’t even want to think about it.

Look for the professionals:

The final and main step is to make a call to plumbing professionals like Drain Express. Just do it without trying any DIY hacks.

These plumbing experts have everything your house needs for repair. They just not only identify the problem but also solve it with sheer performance and efficiency. You can completely rely on their services. So do not just pour water for unclogging the bathroom and call them for the best services for any type of plumbing issues.

Clog Prevention Strategies For Your Sewer Line System

For avoiding clogging issues in the future, you should take some precautionary measures to ensure everything is doing well. Do not ever try to flush out solid things in your bathroom commode. Not even toiletries like tissue paper, because they are stuck inside it. If you live near trees or any old tree is surrounding your house, remove it in the first place because its roots will intrude the sewer line system.

To avoid any bad situation, use enzyme cleaners every month. Make sure that sewer lines are regularly checked by professionals every year.

Avoid planting near a sewer line

Most of the lines are situated at the back of the house, so avoid planting trees, flowers, or shrubs because their roots can also damage them. These plants are difficult to maintain and can also be harmful to pipes.

No foreign objects

Do not use the toilet for throwing trash or toilet paper in it. It should only be used for flushing human waste and water.

Maintenance is mandatory

Everything needs maintenance, so replace the old pipe when required. It is not a long process; professionals can easily replace them with proficiency.

Why Should You Choose Drain Express?

Drain Express aims to provide the best service that prevents any plumbing troubles in the long term. We have built a trusting relationship with our loyal customers and it’s been 20 years that we are giving our plumbing service. The latest technology like video camera inspection, hydro jetting, and rooting is also being applied by our plumbing professionals and they easily understand the root cause of any leakage or draining issue, etc.

Our services are available 24/7, if you are having any issues with your sewer line, you just need to make a call or you can also live chat with us. Our service providers will assist you and satisfy you with all the tools and tech needed.

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