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Main Sewer Line Replacement Service In Toronto, GTA

For working comfortably at a place or living in a good environment needs to make clear all the sewer lines and pipes. To avoid any inconvenience, you just need to read the article if any issue regarding the sewer system occurs.

For working comfortably at a place or living in a good environment needs to make clear all the sewer lines and pipes. To avoid any inconvenience, you just need to read the article; if any issue regarding the sewer system occurs.

What is a sewer line?

All of the waste material and water go outside your home through a single pipe towards the main sewer system of the area. This line consists of vertical and horizontal pipes that are fitted underneath the main hole. It contains wastewater from commercial places/houses to the main sewerage system.

If the sewer line of your house gets damaged, it’s not the thing you can handle by yourself. You need a team that will give sewer line replacement services. Just make a check and balance that either your place is becoming smelly or poor drainage or walls are cracking. Then you should need to contact Drain Express, their services are available 24/7 in Toronto.

Why do sewer lines fail?

The sewer pipes are strong enough to bear any kind of environmental problems but there may be some reasons that sewer lines create a mess for you. Following are causes of sewer and drainage issues

Root intrusion

It is the serious and major cause of sewer line problems. In this process, waste material like tissues or paper creates difficulty to flow the sewage from your house to the main pipe. So try not to throw tissues into the toilet because they can create a blockage.

Clogging and blockage

Grease, dirt, or other things like hair stick to sewer pipes that cause clogging and blockage. Do home remedies like combine hot water with vinegar and pour it into train line to unclog it.


If there are cracks in-wall or the floor is gradually become damaged, then there may be an internal leakage issue to your home sewer system. The shifting of soil due to climatic issues can cause leaking of sewer pipe. The pipe becomes corroded and cracked that causing leaking issues.

Collapsed lines

The sewer line at your home is connected to many pipes going into bathrooms and the kitchen. If one pipe is clogged or backup, up, again, and again, it can cause line collapse that will be unbearable for you.


If the waste material doesn’t drain easily but comes out and creates a mess in the bathroom. It will not only a panic situation but also spread smell all around the home. Try to use a drain opener or liquid clog cleaners.

If there may occur a situation in which the sewer line fails, do not get panic. Use clog cleaners regularly but if the problem persists then contact Drain Express, they will solve all your plumbing and drainage issues. Because their motto is to provide the customers with efficient services that reduce the risk of flooding

Why do sewer lines need to be replaced?

Mostly we do not bother about the draining of waste and waste unless there may be any issue occur. Sewer line replacement is not needed until you are renovating your home/office or your sewer line is broken. Yes, the sewer line can break because plumbing is not 100 % guaranteed for a lifetime. You have to change them after some time for smooth flow of waste-water.

You always do not need to replace sewer lines and pipes, if any issue occurs. They are some serious problems that can affect the sewer system and you need to replace them.

1. Smell all around: when the waste is not draining properly, a bad smell will spread around your home that can ruin your day.

2. Noise in pipes: a sharp gurgling sound will appear when you flushes or taking shower.

3. Blocking: clogging and leaking is caused by the blocking of the drain. Solve the issue as early as possible or it will become bigger.

4. Slow draining: if the water is not draining Quickly like before then there may be something clogged in it that is causing an issue.

If any of these issues occur at home, then it’s time to make a call at Drain Express which will try to satisfy you 100 percent with their amazing services. They will check whether sewer lines need to replace or repair. They will give the best optimist decision for your home. So you can completely rely on their services.

What is the cost of replacing the main sewer line?

The cost of replacing the sewer line varies from company to company. There are many sewer line replacement companies available in Toronto but the most reasonable and affordable company we get to know is Drain Express. The main thing is the pipe, which type and quality of pipe you want also increase/decrease the cost. Firstly an inspection camera thoroughly inspects the level of damage that occurred. Then according to expense and labor, it is decided what to charge.

The main sewer line replacement cost is mostly more than anything else. Because it is a very difficult task to handle. The average estimate of the cost depends on the situation of damage. So try to make the drains clear on time, if things have gone worsen the cost goes higher.

How to protect your sewer lines?

If you use high-quality sewer pipes, then they may last up to 100 years. But the main thing is that you keep them clean and tidy. There may be any mishap that occurs but the following steps should follow to protect sewer lines from damage.

• To avoid any inconvenience, call for plumbing company services at home. They will thoroughly check whether any clogging or blocking in the sewer line occurs or not. They have a camera that can easily inspect any issue. So is any home sewer line replacement needed will be efficiently done by a company like Drain Express.

• Lookup for the root cause of drainage issues. If there are any trees near your home, then cut them off. Because they can also cause corrosion and leakage in a sewer pipe system.

• Do not dispose of any waste material like hair or tissues into a toilet. These things can block the drain system. It will also slow down the drain and many other problems also occur.

We have discussed many prevention techniques and the root cause of damage to the sewer line. It will help you a lot to resolve minor drain issues but if the problem remains the same then check the Drain Express website that will help you from drowning into any bigger problem.

Why hire Drain Express professionals?

If you are searching for a professional plumbing company, then choose Drain Express without any doubts. Because this company is giving its 100% services from more than 20 years. They have the most effective tools and efficient workers that not only satisfy you but make your home like a new one with their plumbing services. Just make a call and highly skilled technicians will be ready to help you.



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