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When something happens to the plumbing system that is responsible for water coming into our house, then you should call plumbing professionals immediately with Draine Express.

Plumbing is the term used for water coming in. the water we use in our house for whatever purpose. Water is a basic necessity of life; we cannot even think to function without it. many of us might have experienced this terrible situation once in a lifetime when the water supply had to be cut down due to some reason. How hard is; it’s frustrating. So, when something happens to the plumbing system that is responsible for water coming into our house, then you should call plumbing professionals immediately.

Drainage plumbing is the term used for all the water waste going out of our house. the water we use on daily basis for whatever purpose. When we wash our hands, our hands are clean, but where does the dirty water go? that is what is sorted out by drainage. So whenever you feel like the water coming out from your dishwasher is not going anywhere, or the water after you take shower is making a puddle instead of draining out, then it’s time to call the drainage system specialists. Both of these facilities are provided by Drain Express. Just give us a call whenever you are in need, even if you don’t know it’s plumbing or drainage-related.

What Are The Common Plumbing Problems?

If you are living in a house, then plumbing problems are normal. They can spring up anytime. Rather it is due to the old fixtures, or regular up and down of plumbing equipment. Some of the issues are small enough to be addressed by the house members. But then some big issues or signs can tell you that this problem could lead to massive trouble in the future. In case of something like that, you shouldn’t even try to DIY or you will make the problem worse. Some problems might be caused due to improper usage or maintenance of the plumbing system. Let’s take a look at some common plumbing problems anyone could face:

Less pressure of water

If the pressure of water has been surprisingly less since last few days or weeks, then this could be due to stoppage in pipes. one thing you can check is that if water is coming slow or with less pressure in both hot and cold faucets. Then it might be due to the calcium buildup which makes the water pressure low and it could even relate to more complicated issues.

Water dripping from taps:

When there has ever been a dripping tap in your washroom or kitchen, you must know how annoying and frustrating is it. not to mention the cost, you know. If you have a dripping faucet, it can most probably be just a damaged washer or O-ring. But if your problem doesn’t get solved even after changing the washer, then it can be something as complicated as corrosion or the wrong installation of faucets. Call Drain Express to seek the help of a drainage plumber in such a case.

Running toilet:

Among all plumbing problems, this is the most annoying and costlier one. One thing is that your toilet will still work, but it keeps running continuously, which can be annoying and inconvenient. And it keeps wasting a lot of water because it doesn’t stop running until the problem is figured out and solved.

The water heater doesn’t work:

This problem could also come out of nowhere, and you won’t be acknowledged until you are in the shower. If your water gets cold all of the sudden, it’s not a ghost doing it, your water heater might be at fault. Sometimes the problem is minor like the pilot turned off, and you just need to light it up. Sometimes it may be the thermostat, or it could also be a sediment buildup in the tank. Well, whatever is it, you need to seek help from a drainage specialist to inspect and fix the problem with your water heater.

Leaky pipes:

If you had leaky pipes in your house you know how annoying, frustrating, and damaging it is. Leaky pipes could be a continuous headache because it makes your floor dampen and attract cockroaches and other bugs, and ruin your furniture and your floor as well.
Sometimes the issue can just be fixed with tape or compounds, but most probably you will need a pipe replacement because leaky pipes are more likely to happen as a result of a pipe that is laying incorrectly damaged pipe joint, or cracked pipes.

Shower tub draining slow

Meanwhile, you are taking bath, you enjoy diving into a tub filled with clean but soapy water. But, after you are done, you remove the plug to let the water drain, but it seems like taking ages to do so. This happens, when your drain is clogged with hair and other debris. What you can do on your own is take needle pliers and clear the drain with their help. Again, if you are not experienced, or unable to do with the tools available at home, then you must call for help.

Slowed down or blocked drains

This issue is more common than you know. But if it is just an issue of one drain in your house, then it may not be as big of a problem, but if multiple fixtures are clogged or slowed down, then it raises a red flag for you. Regular drain cleaning can avoid this issue, but you still need a professional to inspect and fix the problem.

Sewer system backup

Trust me, it’s more nasty and annoying than any other plumbing problem. If you can smell human waste around the house and your toilet water is backing up, then this could be your issue and it should be addressed immediately. Because sewer system backup could be annoying, unhygienic, and nasty along with being a lot more expensive to fix.

What Does A Drainage Specialist Do?

A drainage licensed specialist is an important team member of any water team. He plays an important role in inspecting and resolving drainage plumbing issues. He is a person that should be on your team if you own a plumbing business or profession. They are a great help and could do your job a lot easier with their expertise. Services that are performed by drainage specialists are:

Water pollution is prevented

Reduced flood risk that can harm buildings or cause destruction

Water reservoirs and harvesting is encouraged

He also makes sure that no pipes are damaged, and if they do, they are repaired without causing any trouble

Drain Express:

If you have any issue related to plumbing or drainage, you can call us for help. Our purpose is to provide reliable and long-lasting services to our clients. We believe in saving trouble and cost for our loyal clients to make them stress-free.

Drain Express works with a team that has certified professionals and specialists in all the genres of the plumbing profession. Rather it is plumbing or drainage, we have licensed specialists for all purposes exclusively.

We work as an efficient and trustworthy team, so our clients don’t have to suffer any more than they already did, due to plumbing drainage issues. We are open 24 hours; you can contact us anytime. For your comfort and ease, we are available to you on multiple platforms. You can reach us through an email id, or contact us at a toll-free number. You can also chat with us via the live chat feature on our website, as well as you can come to visit us at the address given below:

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