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Backwater Valve

Backwater valves are an important part of any homeowners plumbing system. A backwater valve ensures floods and sewage does not come back up into your basement, causing flooding and damage to your home. They usually work using gravity so, once installed, the device will work on its own to keep your home dry

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Frequently asked questions

  • Where does a backwater valve go ?

    A backwater valve is simply a device in the waste pipe that prevents sewage from flowing back into the building. When the city sewer in the street backs up downstream of your connection, there is a potential for the upstream flows to find their way into your building and work back uphill to your fixtures.

  • How do I know if I have a backwater valve?

    A backwater valve will stop water or sewage from flowing into your house should the main sewer line become overloaded. In most cases, you can check to see if it’s working properly by looking through the clear cover on the backwater valve access box.

  • Is a backwater valve necessary?

    Backwater valves are an important part of any homeowners plumbing system. A backwater valve ensures floods and sewage does not come back up into your basement, causing flooding and damage to your home. They usually work using gravity so, once installed, the device will work on its own to keep your home dry.

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Excellent service! Professional, easy to work with and extremely fair pricing. The team at Drain Express should be your only choice for plumbing. Reviewer's Avatar

Kathy Bolte

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These guys are AMAZING. I had a very concerning issue occur late afternoon. Called them and they were here very quickly. Seriously nice guy fixed things as good as possible and made an appointment to install the new appliance in a day. Lovely people to work with. Reviewer's Avatar

Victoria Sylvestre

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These guys can figure anything out! They seriously have their customer's best interest at heart, are honest and smart. Our basement has a sewer pump that another well-known, local company was going to charge $2,000 to vent. Drain Express found the already installed vent and fixed what was actually a very minor problem. I would call them for any job big or small. You guys are amazing. Thanks Dickey and Tracey and the rest of your crew. Reviewer's Avatar

Renee Bettag

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Very responsive, kept me informed of their timeline, and the technicians worked efficiently as a team to identify and effectively address our drainage line issues, on a Sunday afternoon! Reviewer's Avatar

Curtis Clark

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I found an ethical and honest plumber I want to take this opportunity to give a heartily thank you to Dicky, from Drain Express. Your quick response within 1 hour of my call and your prompt service saved me from a lot of heartache.. I knew my water heater needed to be replaced and they installed a new water heater that works perfect. I was impressed with the courteous & reasonably priced service even though I called with an emergency. Highly recommend Drain Express to others. Reviewer's Avatar

Jason S

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Definitely reccomend. Awesome people and services Reviewer's Avatar

Robert Watson

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The ladies in the office at Drain Express were very helpful. Dicky called before he came and arrived promptly. Drain Express was fast, personable, patient and knowledgeable. Dicky went above and beyond. I thought the price was reasonable. I would use Drain Express again and request one if their plumbers. Reviewer's Avatar

Logan A

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The gentleman that owns drain Express is very nice and a decent person Reviewer's Avatar

Thomas Peay

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Plumbing by Drain Express is outstanding. The job on our bathroom sink was fast, affordable, and professional. We've needed Dickey in the past for other jobs and he has always done a great. Thank you Drain Express. Reviewer's Avatar

C Martin

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