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What Should I Do When The Sewer Drain Is Blocked?

Blocked sewer drain could cause chaos as it brings along various issues like bad smells, backing up water, and water unavailability.

There are certain things in our lives, that happen at the time when we are least wanting them. Like a busy start of the day with kids. You have to send them to school and prepare for the office too. Meanwhile, your kids are getting ready, you are rushing to clean the kitchen for later, and suddenly you notice that the water is not draining down the kitchen sink. And now you are just half done with dishes and your kitchen sink is like a pool of dark water with food particles in it. Gross, right?

Now we have a solution for you if you are also stuck with such problems and that too on regular basis. Keep reading to find out more.

What could make your sewer drain blocked?

Several things are associated with blocked sewer drains. But it is always gross and frustrating. So, just for your sake, be cautious to avoid such problems in the future. Here are some reasons for blocked sewers:

Leaves and roots:

They can block the sewer line. If there is a crack in the pipe somewhere, then roots will easily invade the pipe and grow to clog the drain. Plants and stuff could also be a problem at the end of a thunderstorm or heavy rain.

Old drainage:

If your house is old, it means it has old or weak plumbing fixtures, then it could cause trouble. It means the drainage needs to be renewed or repaired.

Pipe joints:

Sometimes plumbing is not done professionally. So, the water doesn’t pass smoothly and it can clog the drain.

Foreign objects:

External items like wet wipes, women’s sanitary products, and other objects that are not supposed to be flushed down the drain, are the biggest reason for the blocked sewer drains.

Greasy remnants:

Oily remnants can be run down with the help of water but later where they sit in the drain pipe, they freeze and cause strong blockage.

How is “drain” different from the “sewer”?

A drain is normally associated with one building, like a house or apartment.

Whereas sewer is the main drain where the wastewater of the whole area is drained. The main sewer is responsible for the wastewater of more than one drain.

How would you know if your sewer drain is blocked?

Look for the signs mentioned below to know something’s wrong with your sewer:

Foul smells

Broken pipes

Frequent clogging

Backing water

Multiple fixtured are clogged

Strange sounds every time you flush

DIY solutions for you:

Before you call plumbers, there are some DIY tricks that you can try to clear the blocked sewer:

Baking soda:

Baking soda can do the trick when accompanied by multiple things like lemon, vinegar, and salt. And the instructions are really simple to follow. You can try anything with baking soda, vinegar, lemon, or salt, what’s available. Just take an equal amount of baking soda with an equal amount of the accompanied item i.e., vinegar, lemon, or salt. And pour it down the drain. Wait until it does its magic by letting it sit for an hour or overnight, and then run down a gallon of hot water to clear the debris.

Boiling water:

Simply run down a few gallons of boiling water and you are good to go.


A plunger can help if you know where exactly is the blockage.

Why should you seek professional help?

If none of the above tricks are working then you should know that things are not under your control now and you need to improvise. And when that happens, you have to call the specialists.
Drain Express:

Don’t let the blocked sewer drain stop your life. Whenever a plumbing issue or a clogged drain happens, you can call Drain Express. We are your best choice in Toronto. Once you call, we will rush our specialists to provide long-term solutions to your plumbing problems.
24/7 services:

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