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What To Do With The Frozen Drain Pipe

Frozen drain pipes means exactly the way it sounds. It means that when the temperature drops, it makes the water gets frozen inside the pipes.

Who doesn’t like winters? I am also crazy about the winter season! Maybe you are least interested in winters. Because winters could create a lot of mess and struggles, even if you are already geared up. You are not alone in this struggle.

Yes, your family could also easily catch a cold. How? Because of repeatedly going out and removing snow from the main door of your home. It is a troublesome and annoying situation but you must have to bear it. The intensity of cold weather increases the snow.

When the climate becomes colder to the extreme, the drain pipes start to freeze up. Because of the central heating at home, you may don’t feel the intensity of cold outside the home. The drain pipes and all the sewer system is outside the home. So they easily get frosted in this extreme cold, because they are not covered.

The easy and best way of clearing the frozen drain pipe is to, pour hot boiling water into the drains.

Causes of freezing of drain pipes?

Winters tend to turn every single thing into cold. Let’s imagine, you continue to stay in extreme cold or extreme hot without covering yourself from cold weather. Same as that frozen drain pipe outside of our home is exposed to cold 24/7.

And they get affected by that extreme weather. If you don’t care about them on time, then be ready to face the ultimate damage of pipes and unexpected fatigue too. Because of the ice in the pipes, the intense pressure will crack down the drain pipes.

There is the possibility of your house will be flooded with cold water. What a horrible nightmare!

So, when you find out about the frozen drain pipes, immediately try to unfreeze the situation. Otherwise, you will surround by big bang trouble. People mostly try to defrost the frozen drain pipe by DIY.

Like putting boiling water into the drain pipes. But sometimes, it also fails and the problem persists or gets worsens. So, call the professionals for help or you will indulge in a bigger issue.

Do drain pipes clogged or get frozen?

When pipes get frozen, it will not allow a single drop to pass down the shower or sink. Everything got jammed. You have to differentiate between whether the pipes are clogged or frozen.

While, if the drain pipes get clogged, a bad or foul smell will spread around the home. Another thing is that you will experience leakage or slow drainage of water or backing up of water. It surely points to clogging of the drain.

In the scenario of ice jammed pipes, the water completely is frozen or present behind the frozen block. If there is not any sign of leakage of water, then it is surely the scene of the frozen pipe.

What to do to unfreeze a drain pipe?

Before the winter season starts, try to prevent the frozen drain pipe by different means. It should be done before the start of winter. Otherwise, you have to face the consequences. Get to know the procedure or if you still have doubts that it works or not.

Then call us immediately. We will be delighted to solve your problem any time in the day.

Some of the basic techniques that you should know to solve the frozen pipe issue:

Warming the pipes:

Well, this could only work, If you exactly know the location of the problem. Luckily, if you get an idea of the exact location. Then give heat or warm the pipe to melt the ice inside the pipe. But the irony in the situation is that you cannot directly give heat to the pipe by any means.

Because direct use of a lighter or blow torch can only damage the pipes and make the situation more uncomfortable for you. So don’t panic and think twice before taking any action.

Apply the heat by means of nontoxic and mild electronics like a hair dryer or an electric heater. Maintain a proper distance of appliance with the pipe. So the limited heat can reach it. Another approach is to wrap a hot towel around the pipes. Leave it for some time, so the ice gets melted.

Use boiled water:

Boil the water and pour it carefully into pipes with precautionary measures. Because it may burst out. Why does it happen? It is because of water is in less quantity or the blockage is not so deep. So it you are applying this technique. Then make sure that enough boiled water is available that can easily pass through frosted pipes and defrost everything inside it.

Wrap heat tape:

It is just like tape but with heating materials. You need to wrap it all over the pipe. Now, wait for the miracle.

Pour salt:

The salt is not only used in the cooking process. But it can help to lower the iciness of water/ice. Either you can pour specific quality of salt into the drain pipes. Or mix the salt with boiling water and put it in the drain to make it crystal clear.

Can a person plunge into a frozen drain?

No, plunging can be dangerous and risky. It’s not a good idea and can worsen the situation. Because you may not train enough to do plunges. It may also fail because of your inexperienced handling. So, try some other method to unfreeze the frozen drain pipe. Like throwing hot water can do the task well. While plunging may take more time, and effort and could be risky too.

Methods to defrost the icy drain pipes

Iced drain pipes will never be thawed down in the winter season. Unless the warm weather begins and the sun makes them defrost the ice naturally. It also takes time but works. If you are waiting for pipes to melt the ice in winter by themselves. It is just a dream.

Do not wait for any miracle or sunny weather. So, if pipes start to freeze. Try to solve the situation as early, as it get into a horrible situation.

Can salt defrost the iced drain?

It depends on where the drain pipes are located. If the pipes are located outside the home. Then check other thawing and defrosting methods to clear the ice. Salt can also be used if there any problems occur inside the home. Like the drain of your kitchen’s sink also get to freezing. You can put some quantity of salt into the drain and wait for some time. Slowly but steady, it will dissolve the ice.

Can pour boiling water in the drain pipe helps?

Yes, the simplest and easiest way to defrost the ice inside drain pipes is, by pouring boiled water into it. But do the procedure with precautionary measures. Because water has a tendency to spit back and it might burn you and harm your body. Boil the large quantity of water that can go through the pipes easily.

Call the professionals for frozen drain pipes

Sometimes, luckily you have an idea of the location of the problem. And you try to solve it with DIY. But some other times, you cannot catch up with the location of the issue. So it is better to call for help rather than doing failed attempts and make things more complicated. The Drain Express is always at your disposal to help and cooperate. So feel free to make a call anytime 24/7.

Things to do for stopping the burst-out frozen pipe

The first thing you should do is to try to stop the water to go inside the house. Then immediately contact us and we will get a hold of the situation. We try to reach you in time but you also run hot air in the house to defrost the other pipes too.

Professionals in Toronto – Drain Express:

If you are anywhere in Toronto then it is your good luck. Because you just have to pick up the phone and make a call to Drain Express. We guarantee up-to-mark work because we have the best-trained plumbing professionals.

We work 24 hours a day at affordable prices.

We work for the ease of people. That is why our services are also available at midnight. We do not charge extra for this. Trouble can come anytime. We realize how stressful such problems could be. So, we work 24 hours a day, and you can get to us anytime you want.

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