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Why Is My Hot Water Pipe Frozen?

If you live in a cold country then you would know about the struggle you go through in winter. Have you experienced frozen water pipes as well? do you know that hot water pipes are more prone to getting frozen? Sounds strange, right? But it is true, and it happens. And if you don’t take care of it on time, it explodes, leaving you with a lot of damage to take care of.

The plumbing system is one of the most important systems required for living in any place. If the drainage system is not installed properly or is old enough to get damaged easily, then it can cause you a lot of trouble and money as well. These plumbing fixtures can happen all the time, that’s another thing. But this ice-jammed hot pipe is just an issue you face in extreme cold.

So, how do you deal with it? the only way to get rid of it is to thaw it. if you can’t find the pipe that’s causing the problem, or if increasing house temperature is not helping, then it is time to call professionals immediately.

Hacks to know about blocked pipes in winter:

The most significant factor you should know about the hot frozen pipe is that they are most at risk where there is no or less heat. Like, you set the temperature within the house, so the pipes inside your house are mostly safe.

But the pipes located at relatively cool places like the basement, attic, or with the exterior walls having no or less insulation are most prone to getting affected. But, how do you know if you are having trouble with a hot water pipe frozen? Here are some signs you must be looking for:

Bad smell

It might not be really obvious, but you might smell a bad odor that hasn’t been there before. When the pipe has ice in it, there is now a way for the drained water smell to air out, so it comes its way back into the home.

Crack in pipe:

If any of your pipes are cracked, it can be observed easily. Take a look all around your house and if any of them shows ice build-up, it means freeze caused the crack that lets ice slip out.

And as obvious as this sign is, as threatening it is because this is where you lose gallons of water even with a crack of less than 1/8 inch. But in the case of ice, your pipe is ultimately going to explode at any time and you will end up with flood, damage, and stress. So when you see something like that, it’s time to rush to the professionals.

Less or no water

Low or no water from taps is extremely frustrating. You are going to take a bath because you have to head out for a family dinner. But the shower head is lazy, or you have shampooed your hair and there is no water coming out of the shower when you try and turn it on again. What happens? You never have faced such an issue.

Then why suddenly the water slowed or stopped? It means you have a hot water pipe frozen. Now you have to call someone to find out which faucet or pipe in the house is affected.

Strange noise

Ever wondered about the banging noise or gurgling sound when you flush the toilet or use the washroom? Is it a ghost? No, it might be the hot water pipe frozen somewhere in your house.

Puddles or dampness on walls

Another alarming sign is if you see puddles or dampness on your wall or ceilings, then things are getting out of your hand and you need quick help.

What are a few tricks to thawing hot water pipes frozen?

If you feel like having trouble with your faucets and you suspect a frozen pipe. Then you should immediately locate the affected pipe. And if you find one, try to thaw it. That can fix your problem if done the right way. Now here is what you need to do in such a situation:

Keep your valve open

Let the water run. How will it run when it’s frozen? But when you keep the tap open and warm up the pipe, it will ultimately give up and the water will have to find a way to run freely.

Use thawing technique

What do you do if you find something frozen? Let’s take a chicken out of the freezer, what will you do to unfreeze it? Wait for it to thaw out on your own, or use some defrosting technique, right? This is exactly how melting the ice in the pipe works.

You wither wait for it to thaw by itself or try heating it with different yet safe techniques like using a soaked warm towel wrap, heating pads, or a dryer.

Do not do DIY because you have the risk of a pipe burst

Using DIY tricks that involve an open flame can cause your pipe to burst. And it will not end up good in your pocket. You will have damaged pipes and fire hazards around you as well. So don’t try these at home and call the professional if other tricks don’t work.

What precautionary measures can help you?

Use the following tips for precautionary measures at home:

• First of all, let your faucet to the exposed water pipe drip a little, maybe just by a trickle, but let it be this way if the weather is extremely cold.

• Let the air in through your kitchen and toilet cabinets so they don’t get cold enough to freeze.

• Keep your house warm to let the pipes catch heat as well.

Will frozen hot water pipes thaw on your own?

Yes, it’s a natural phenomenon. If you keep waiting for the weather to change, then your pipes will thaw automatically. But you should know what that means. It means you are waiting for not just your pipe to be thawed, but you are waiting for whether they burst or not.

Because leaving hot water frozen pipe as it builds pressure and causes the risk of explosion or pipe burst. And you will end up in a flooded house. to avoid that, make sure you take care of pipes manually.

Protection from frozen hot water pipes:

Prevention is better than cure. So make sure you are prepared this winter for plumbing fixtures. Here’s how to protect your pipes from cold to avoid damage:


Don’t forget to insulate your pipes.

Heating tape

Wrap heating tape around the pipes that are exposed to the chilly air.

Thermostat settings

Keep thermostat settings stable day and night.

Take care of the leaks

Make sure that you have found leaks and sealed them before winter barges in. it will help cold air from coming in and hence avoid freezing.

Why is it important to work with a professional drain specialist?

If you observe any of the signs mentioned above, you can try the remedies we have advised. But if none of that seems to work then don’t try to be smart enough to DIY. Instead, call a professional drain specialist. Because this could avoid further damage, cost, and frustration.

Drain express for your issues when the hot water pipe frozen

You can reach out to drain express for your issues when the hot water pipe is frozen. Because we will be steadily available to investigate, locate and provide long-term solutions to your problems.

You can contact Drain Express through our website. Or you can use the following contact information:

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