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Why should you worry about drainage problems?

A drainage problem can be devastating to a home if not dealt with effectively. The inability to get rid of water, snow, and ice attached to your home’s foundation or exterior is a significant cause for concern as it can damage your home’s structure. Such damage can also have serious adverse effects on one’s family, such as health issues.

In this article, we will explain all about what a drainage problem is, who suffers from one and how to deal with it. So let’s get started to explore more about this drainage issue.

What is a drainage problem?

A drainage problem is when your drainage system has a problem and isn’t putting out enough water. It can happen for many reasons, but let us focus on the basic scenario: a pipe is blocked, or water pressure is reduced in your home. A drainage problem in your house refers to a problem that is the result of a plumbing problem.

A plumbing problem occurs whenever there is a problem with the pipes in your house that results in either a leak or a clog. Whenever you have a plumbing problem, it will create a drainage problem in your home. It could be either minor or significant, but it will still make a problem in your home. The problem can occur in a bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, or any other part of your house that has plumbing. If a problem occurs in the pipe and it leaks; this could flood your home.

What are the problems caused by poor drainage?

Most people only think about the drainage system in their homes and the problems it can cause once it rains and the basement floods. That is when it all goes down the drain! If you have been interested in learning about the problems caused by poor drainage and potential repairs, you can do this; this blog is for you. Poor drainage can cause several issues, such as those mentioned below:

• It can lead to water damage, mold, and mildew growth, as well as structural damage and damage to the foundation.

• When rainwater pools in a home’s basement, it can lead to mold and mildew growth. If adequately treated, this can become an affordable problem requiring professional cleaning and restoration.

• If your basement is poorly drained, waterlogged, or has standing water on the floor, your house may have foundation problems. Waterlogging can be caused by leaks from pipes or fittings or inadequate drainage around the home’s foundation.

• Structural damage to walls or floors can result from standing water if it sits for long periods. The ground beneath your home must be able to support the weight of your home’s structure — so if there is too much weight on top of it, structural damage may occur over time as the ground crumbles away beneath it.

Here are the top 5 common drainage issues

If you are living in an area with a lot of rainfall each year, you are bound to come across a blocked drain at some point. Drains are the primary method for getting rid of water that builds up on your property. They allow this water to flow away from your property. But drains can become blocked, which can cause problems as they cause moisture to build up around your home. It leads to all sorts of issues, such as dampness and mold. Here are the top 5 common drainage issues.

1. Blockages

Most blockages are caused by roots pushing through the soil, which can happen in many different ways. It can be due to tree roots pushing down on your drain and causing it to collapse, or it could be due to root systems that have grown too deep and are now blocking a path for water to flow through.

2. Broken or displaced joints

A broken or displaced pipe joint is when the pipes have come loose from their supports and are no longer connected properly. This problem can be caused by tree roots pushing through the soil around the line or by an earthquake that causes a pipe joint to break up without being securely fastened into place beforehand.

3. Fractures

Fractures in pipes often occur when an earthquake forces water through the cracks in underground pipes without them being securely fastened into place beforehand. The only way to repair these fractures is to replace the entire line with a new one designed specifically for this purpose!

4. Root Intrusions

A root intrusion is a problem that affects the outside and inside of a pipe. The root will grow into the line and cause it to collapse, which in turn causes water to leak out of the system. The best way to identify a root intrusion is to check your pipes and ensure they are not leaking.

5. Collapsed sections of pipe

Pipes will often fracture due to frost damage or other environmental factors. If you see any cracks or leaks in your pipes, repair them immediately!

When should you consider professional drainage companies?

You have been having drainage problems in your home for quite some time. You have tried everything suggested to fix it, but nothing works. The problem appears to keep getting worse. Now, you are looking to hire a professional drainage company.

If you are looking for a drainage company that can help you with your drainage problems, consider Drain Express. We have been providing quality drainage services for over a decade and know what it takes to get the job done right. Our team of experts is trained in handling all types of drainage issues, so you can rest assured that we have your back in getting rid of wastewater from your property. If you need assistance with any plumbing problem, call us today!

We work 24 hours a day.

Drain Express is an emergency plumber company providing an emergency plumber service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our expertise is in the drainage, unblocking, and repairing of all domestic, commercial, and industrial drainage systems. Our plumbers are fully trained, qualified, and equipped with the latest equipment.

If you need drain cleaning or drain inspection services in Toronto and surrounding areas, Drain Express is the company to look to. Their expert technicians can handle any drain-clogging situation. So you can rest assured that we have your back in getting rid of wastewater from your property. If you need assistance with any plumbing problem, call us today!

Contact Drain Express.

Drain Express is a Toronto-based company specializing in drain cleaning and repair. We started small, but we have grown over the past few years. When you need a professional drain company that you can rely on, you can call Drain Express.

We have been serving drainage services in the Toronto area for a long time and have an experience that most drain companies don’t have.
Having a blocked drain can be a massive issue in dealing with drainage.

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