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Frozen Pipes In Winter Are An Emergency?

Winters can be lovely until it doesn’t bother you, physically or financially. How does it happen? By freezing pipes in winter. Maybe you apply hacks and tricks like immediate removal of snow. But how many times will you do it in a day? You may also catch a cold & get sick.

Because in countries that continue snowfalls for long periods, it’s difficult to stop anything to be frosted.
As sewer & drain pipes are directly exposed to the cold weather.

They get freeze and cause you financial and mental damage.Frozen Pipes in winter may swell or get cracks, and there is the possibility of bursting inside the sewer system. That caused flooding in houses and thousands of dollars worth of loss.

So, make a check & balance of pipes and immediately contact Drain Express. That is available 24/7 to serve you.

Why do pipes freeze in winter?

Everything that is continuing to be exposed to extreme weather can get spoiled. Whether it’s extremely hot or cold. If pipes remain in contact with a cold for a long time. They will get iced. You cannot put a heater outside the home when it’s snowing. Or just covering pipes with cloth Will solve the problem.

So never neglect these pipes. Because if pipes remain untouched, causing you big harm. Why does it happen? Because water tends to get expand when frosted. Continues water pressure on pipes will make them get cracked. An emergency will go to happen. In form of bursting & flooding.

So, start unfreezing pipes immediately after knowing it. Put boiling water so the process of unfreezing going to start. But also call professional plumbing companies like Drain Express for the best possible solutions.

Signs to get to know about pipes being frosted

Let’s suppose, you awake and go to the bathroom for washing your face. But not even a single drop comes from the tap. Check the shower, and toilet too, if they also ran out of water. Then it’s a clear indication of frozen pipes.

Go & check the pipes, there may be frost on them. This also indicates about frosting of pipes. Just cut off the supply of water in the house. Because otherwise bigger mishap will occur on defrosting of ice. Contact Drain Express for further instructions and our professionals will be on way to serve you.

Things to do when pipes get frost

It is a common thing in winter that pipes get frosted. You should perform precautionary measures before winter. But still, get iced, then no need to panic. There are many ways to thaw them. But keep some common tips & techniques to resolve the frozen pipes in the winter issue.

Warming up the pipes

If you’re lucky to notice the accurate location of frozen pipes. It’s the biggest blessing about frozen pipes in winter. Because you will capable of clearing that frosted pipe efficiently. But keep in mind that don’t ever try to humidify the pipe directly. Why so? The direct rays of lighter or blow torch can harm the pipe.

Without making the situation panic or worse. Take a sigh, relax & warm up the pipe by using a hair dryer or mild electric heater. Set heat limit & also maintain the proper distance. That normal heat goes towards pipes. Don’t have any of these electric appliances? don’t worry.

Instead, use the towel, get hot water, put the towel in it, and wrap the towel on a pipe. All these techniques will help to thaw these iced pipes.

Drain boiling water

It’s the simplest technique but do it carefully. Why? Because if you pour less water or blockage in the pipe is not deep. In both cases when water drain into pipes will cause bursting. So always pour enough water which goes below the pipes easily & ice thaw out from pipes.

Wrapping heating tape

An electric heat tape that has a thermostat. Being used to protect hoses, cables, and pipes from getting frosted in winter. Just wrap heat tape on pipes and stay fearless & calm.

Pour out salt

The item which also can lower the freezing point of water is Salt. Just put the salt in pipes alone or can put a specific quantity in boiling water to get clear pipes.

Contact a professional plumbing company

Above listed are general techniques & tricks which can easily follow, if frozen pipes in winter happen. Cal Drain Express for help & queries. Our service providers will assist you & satisfy all your worries. You can rely on & trust this company, as it’s licensed and has been in the market for more than 20 years.

Our drain & plumbing solutions are always up to the mark and they last forever. So to give your home in safe hands. Just call our qualified & certified team, which works for your convenience. Frozen pipes in winter are a common issue. We have our hands on every little plumbing & drainage problem.

Can iced pipes melt by themselves?

There may be possibilities when iced pipes get melted by themselves. You need to wait & watch. It’s a very time taken & risky process. How? Because when ice gradually breaks down into the water. The water inside fixtures & ice in the pipe may cause you a great problem. Like pipes may get burst because of increased pressure.

So it’s not a good idea to let the frosted pipes get melted by themselves. Get immediate help from a renowned company like Drain Express. Because our service will not let anything destroy your space.

How long does it take for frosted pipes to thaw?

The unfreezing mechanism depends on the weather & situation. With a handful of techniques, it may thaw in about thirty minutes. But this is not applicable everywhere. Because in some places the weather is extremely cold or pipes may be extra long. So it may take more time to unfreeze in that circumstances.

It’s recommended to call professional plumbing services providers. So you can prevent any extra fatigue or waste of money. Get services from Drain Express, they have qualified techs and are a reliable company.

Are frozen pipes an emergency?

Yes, it is. Why & how? The already present water in pipes now becomes ice due to low degree temperature. Water has a scientific property to get expand when it becomes ice. So frozen pipes mean there is a lot of ice in the pipes. The ice will put continuous and extreme pressure on those pipes.

Pipes may be plastic or even metal, they will get cracks because of continuous pressure.

So there may situation of pipe bursting & flooding occur, because of frozen pipes in winter. Whenever you noticed the frosted pipes. Grab your mobile & call Drain Express for the best possible services. Make your life tension free with us. Our dedicated teams will sort out any issues regarding drain & plumbing.

Tips to stop the pipes from freezing in winter?

Tricks to stop the pipes to get frosted and cause any inconvenience.

• When the temperature gets dropped, open the fixture of the pipes so that cold water runs down from it. Water running down can help the pipes to stay unfreeze.

• Try to retain the doors of cabinets open, not only in the kitchen by also in the bathroom too. Because then the warm air inside the home will also circulate everywhere & pipes will not get frosted.

• Always keep the garage door closed, because of the water lines present in the garage.

• Let the home temperature be warm forever, that’s how pipes will also get warm & water don’t get freeze.

• Don’t cut the normal heating temperature at night. It causes pipes to get frosted. To maintain the temperature 24/7 for the safety of pipes.

Drain Express; work for your Convenience

Your safety is our priority, we are here for you. That is why we make it available for you 24/7. Even if you have any plumbing at midnight, we will be here in time to help you. Without charging you extra money.

So trust us and contact us whenever needed. We will be happy to serve you and prove our quality of service with our dedicated work.

If any plumbing issue occurs at home. Just grab the mobile and call us. You can also visit our website.

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