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What To Do When The Frozen Pipe Has Burst?

Winter is going to come knocking at your door soon. Winter brings along many good things but it can also be the reason for multiple issues if you are not rightly prepared for the extreme weather, you might end up facing consequences to that.

Multiple plumbing issues can occur in winter. Zero or less temperatures can cause ice pipes. And the worst part is when one of these frozen pipes bursts. What to do in such a situation? No need to panic, keep reading for helpful tips and guidance.

What causes pipes eruption?

The pipes in your backyard or out in the open get frozen during extreme cold. And if you can’t find them or treat them on time then they may burst to cause you a lot of trouble. Why do frozen pipes burst? It’s a common science; weather is too cold that water is becoming ice, so the molecules expand in the form of ice. It makes the pipe explodes due to increased pressure.

Can you tell if your pipe has exploded due to cold?

It happens commonly, that you go to the kitchen, try to run water and nothing happens, it could be due to a few other reasons too. But if it is winter then it is the most common reason to suspect the exploded pipe. You can also check the meter if you find it moving, even when all the faucets are turned off, then it concludes the frozen pipe burst.

What to do about the erupted pipe?

Make a move to unfreeze the pipe. But if it’s already exploded then you need to shut the water valve, and electricity too, to avoid any hazard. In such a situation, short circuits and other electric hazards are outrageous and could cause huge damage. So, you need to be extremely careful around water and electricity. Never risk your safety and call professionals immediately. Drain express will always be available in case of a frozen pipe burst.

Get in touch with a professional plumbing company:

Whenever you experience something like a frozen pipe burst, the first thing after turning off the water and power supply is to call a professional plumbing companyPlumbing Services.

Prevention techniques:

Here are a few tips that might help:

Keep an eye on temperature:

You should avoid extreme temperatures around the house. and if you are going somewhere for a long time then make sure to cut the water supply before you leave.

Well-insulated pipes:

It can also help with prevention.

Let your faucet drip a little:

That can be annoying, but it can help keep you updated about the frozen pipes. If water doesn’t stop dripping, it means there is no still water in pipes, which means less chance of freezing. And if the water stops dripping you would immediately find out that the pipe has frozen.

Who should I seek help from?

Frozen pipe bursts; you can always call Drain Express anytime. We will be at your service whatever the time and day are.
We work 24 hours a day

We provide our services 24/7. The water problem couldn’t be handled and lived with for a long time. So, whenever there is an issue with the water fixture, it needs to be fixed immediately. That’s exactly why we are available 24/7.

Contact Drain Express:

You can contact Drain Express by simply clicking the link below. All details are mentioned on our website.

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