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What To Do When Basement Drain Overflowing?

What else is worsen than a drain overflowing? It not only creates a mess, and smell but also gives you stress. Especially a basement drain overflowing can cause you panic attacks. Because it’s very difficult to clear it up. If this situation happens to you, don’t give up. Start doing Plunging, it will help if harmful debris is clogging the drain. Pour hot water along with vinegar and soda to make a chemical reaction.

But if you feel that you don’t have control over the situation. Immediately call Drain Express, our team is available 24/7 to serve you. You will be satisfied with our exclusive services with the latest techniques.

Why is my drain filling up with water?

The only and main reason for water flowing out of the drain is a clog in the drain line. Throwing objects like tissue or any other things can cause the drain pipe to block. And then the water doesn’t go towards the sewer lines and stays in the drain. Until it fills with water and causes flooding in the basement. What a nightmare and horrible situation!

Sanitary paper, soap, tissues, hair, or grease is continuously disposed of in the drain. It will cause it to clog the drain pipes. No going out of water and drains will fill up with water.
Which causes the basement drainProblems With Blocked Basement Drain And How To Eliminate Them to overflow and flood?

What causes a basement floor drain clog?

Floor drains are more prone to clog. They easily get clogged because all the dirt, grease, and debris collect in the floor drain. So, it gets blocked and causes you inconvenience. It is the most common and easily clogged place.

At the start, it’s a minor and easily solve problem. But if debris continues to collect in the place, it will cause a bigger problem like flooding or corrosion, etc. Let’s discuss some of the mostly happen causes of basement drain overflowing


Animal hair or human hair, both can lead to the clogging of the drains. How does it happen? Like while taking bath, your hair falls. That then goes through the drain and mixes with grease to become a disastrous clogging substance.


As we wash everything into the sink. That excessive type of dirt combines with grease and hair to build clogs in drain pipes.

Wasted food

While washing the dishes, when you throw food waste into the sink. That goes down the drain and blocks it.

Soap particles

Soap has insoluble minerals and particles, similar, the hard water. So these fats or soap residue can block the bathroom, kitchen, and even laundry drain.

Toilet paper

After using toilet paper, and sanitary paper you may throw them in the commode. Excessive throwing of paper will create blocking & clogging in the drain. As it will collect inside the drain that causes you major problems too.

Cat litter

Cat litter is a damaging thing to the drains. Because if you flush it out, it will mix with clay & make clumps. That the end clogs the drain pipes.

Tree roots

Trees near your home can build their roots inside pipes. That results in clogging and stopping of water.

Other small things

Kids may sometimes throw their toys in the toilet. When you flush it out, these toys will go into the drain to clog it.

Aged sewer system

Iron or clay pipes were used for drainage purposes. They may corrode or get cracks with time. These aged sewers are more prone to backing up.

Heavy rain

In winter due to heavy rainfall, drain pipes get clogged. Water let the hard objects get inside the drain and block it.

All these reasons will lead to clogging the basement drain. If the basement drain overflows, don’t try DIYs. Contact Drain Express, a company that provides the latest plumbing & drainage services. Our plumbing professionals can sort out any of the problems in seconds.

Problems associated with basement drain overflowing

What happens, when you come home and your home’s basement is full of water? You feel like you are drowning in the dark. Don’t lose your senses, ask for help from any trusted company like Drain Express. They will quickly control the situation. Otherwise, you have to face a lot. Because water makes its path rapidly. The sewer water will start to rise to its level in the basement.
A disastrous situation with smell everywhere will create a dangerous & unhealthy environment. This flooding will destroy your furniture and other household things. Don’t take risks on DIY, immediately call us. Our techs can handle any type of tragic situation.

Health risks by sewer backup in the basement

Sewer backing up in the basement can lead to severe mental and physical damage to health. Sewer contains germs, dangerous viruses, and bacteria. When contaminated water enters your house, it also affects your house and makes it unfit to live in.

How it does do so? As you know that sewage has hazardous gases in it. When you inhale them, they can cause lung infection? Bacteria or other fungal viruses can cause fever, diarrhea, cramps, and other fatal diseases.

Find the best drainage service, providers

If you are upset by constant occurring drainage issues in your home? Do you want a professional that can understand the problem & solve it without charging you extra money? Then we suggest you get VIP services from Drain Express. A name of quality & experience. Your life & house will be changed.

Because our team is experienced in this field and provides extraordinary solutions that last forever. Get premium service for drainage, plumbing & sewer issues. Once you get services from us, you will always remember us.

What steps should take for preventing sewer backup in the future?

Who wants to suffer from basement drain overflowing again and again? Once you have gone through this, you won’t let the nightmare happen again. So to avoid sewer backup in the future, you should take the following steps:

Plastic pipes

If you get to know that issues of clogging & basement drain overflowing is, because of damaged & cracked pipes. Then you should install new plastic pipes. They may cost you too much, but for sake of safety & health. You have to do it to the prevention of any inconvenience in the future.

Clog-free drains

For cheaper & affordable solutions to sewer problems. You have to keep away all the drains from any type of clogging. Like no throwing of tissues, hair, grease, or food particles into it. Clear it regularly & dispose of even the small objects in the dustbin.

Sump Pump Maintenance

A sump pump is used in winter to avoid dampness in the basement from flooding. The sump pump should be placed on a flat surface. So that debris or gravel will not stuck inside its motor. Also, clean it for proper functioning.

These are general points that you should follow to avoid any further mishaps or tragic situations. If you have any queries, call Drain Express. Our experts will guide you and sort out your plumbing issues.

How beneficial services of Drain Express are?

Basement Drain overflowing or any other plumbing issues happens in your residential area. Drain Express is ready to serve you with the latest technique & technology. More than a hundred plumbing, drain, and other services are provided to clients efficiently. No extra charges and ready to help any time of the day. The specialty of Drain Express is, we provide you with the best possible solutions that last forever.

Get the fastest services from Drain Express

There may be many companies that give plumbing services to people. But always choose a company, which is licensed & working for years. Drain Express is in this industry for more than 20 years. Our experts are qualified and build long-term relationships with clients.

Just call us any time of day or night. Because we serve you 24/7. Don’t hesitate, we work for your convenience & comfort.

Drain Express, a trustworthy plumbing company

Drain Express is proudly announcing that we provide services to Toronto & surrounding areas. For questions, email us and also get amazing offers. Want our services? Our service providers will come to you & sort out everything.

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